Snaxxx Local Music Review: Bob Wire’s “Off White Christmas”




Pictured in Photo- Bob Wire and Chip Whitson, getting some tracks laid.


     When I first spoke to Bob about Christmas albums, it was on a random strain on FaceBook where I was adamantly opposed to doing a Christmas Album. I still am. Snaxxx does not do Christmas albums- Bob convinced me this one was “different”, so I told him to send me a copy and I would review it.  Props to Bob for sending it off saying “Please” review it. You are a brave man Mr. Wire…. 

      Just for a bit of background, Bob Wire has been providing the local scene with quality honky tonk for about a bazillion or so years. I have seen him several times with the Fence Menders, and also with the Magnificent Bastards. For the record, I have NEVER had a bad time when out to hear Bob Wire live- His energy and stage presence alone are enough to hold the show down, and he always has a solid band around him providing him a nice pocket to perform in. Off White Christmas is indeed a

” Christmas”  album. All the songs are comically crafted around the holiday and Bob’s infamous wit shines through on every track on the album.  

     Also to be noted- this album was recorded at the Hilltop  Basement Recording Complex and Grille… otherwise known as Bob’s basement. Recorded with Logic Pro, a Fire pod 8 channel interface, some decent microphones, a lot of outside advice, and obviously with a lot of passion, Bob proves he can get it done- on his own terms, in his own way, and still come out with a decent product.  For my money the top songs on the album are  Last Minute Shopping- it starts off all swingy, has some nice back up vocals and a really nice motorcycle peel out and some other production gems. Ex Miss Carol… catchy title and catchier song. I personally can relate to it, as I can with the majority of Bob’s music because he speaks directly to his people- The Blue Collar, work hard, play harder set that make Missoula and Montana a stand out for excellent characters… Sha La La… has a sweet ” billy joel” sounding drum riff at the beginning and Bob’s voice I think sounds particularly nice on this track. Generally speaking, Bob’s vocals are recorded very well here- You can hear him clearly and distinctly over the top of the instruments crooning in the way Bob has made his signature over the years. Humor, Lyrics, and a great Honky Tonk voice will keep Bob on the scene for a long time. Playing on the album with Bob are “Cousin” Bob Sularz on drums, Rick Waldorf on bass, Bob Wire and Chip Whitson on guitars, Russ Parsons on piano, Barb Wire  makes a special appearance on vocals, and I am sure I am leaving someone out, so please forgive me.

     In closing- although I do not have the time to get anymore in depth than that, I give the album my endorsement for a great holiday/honky tonk album that can be enjoyed by the entire family… that’s right- totally FAMILY FRIENDLY and still ROCKIN’..  So git out there and git you some Off White Christmas… and egg nog- lot’s of egg nog. 

     Snaxxx- OVER AND OUT

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